Press Release

San Diego, CA – today announced the hiring of Sergey Nosov to fulfill the project manager position.

Sergey will be responsible for the planning, executing, and deploying of Internet facing information, computing, and data projects.

With twenty years of experience in the computer field, out of which the last twelve years have been spent in the Director of IT position at a peptide manufacturing company, Sergey is uniquely qualified as a leader of the projects to serve peptide researchers and companies; projects that interface both human visitors, via responsive website designs, and automatic systems communicating with offerings via web services and RESTful application programming interfaces.

About Sergey Nosov

Sergey Nosov is an experienced information technology and software engineering professional, the author of the "Configuring Windows 2008 R2 Web Server" book (ISBN: 978-1-47921-630-7), the author of articles published on the website. In his career Sergey Nosov spearheaded and participated in multiple software development projects, including deep involvement with enterprise research planning (ERP) systems. Of additional note, his Peptide Builder Light utility was released in 2002, followed in 2003 by one of the first on-line peptide molecular weight calculators, as well as online peptide catalog.

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