Peptide Molecular Weight Calculator

How to use this peptide analytical tool

Simply type in, or copy and paste, peptide or protein fragment amino-acid sequence, including modifications, spacers, or special termini, and press the “Calculate” button.

The peptide molecular weight calculator will display average and monoisotopic mass of the molecule, as well as a table of mass divided by charge values, both in positive and negative scan modes, which is useful for mass spec analysis.

Take a look at the following posts for demonstration of what the calculator is capable of:

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Amino Acids

Cyclic Peptides

Branched Peptides

For a quick sample of the output screen, you can load a random peptide from the list of peptides the analytical tool has calculated before. Please note: this is a rapidly changing project in development; look, feel, and functionality may and will change.

Example sequences

Linear peptide in one-letter code: KYICNSSCM

Linear peptide in three-letter code: Arg-Gly-Asp-Cys

Head-to-tail cyclic peptide: cyclo(GRGDSP)

Peptide with two disulfide bridges: [Cys2-Cys10,Cys4-Cys8] ACDC­RGDCFCG

Peptide with Biotin on N-terminal: Biotin-YGRKKRRQRRR

Peptide with disulfide bridge (1-6), capped at C-terminal (amide): Cyclic CYFQ­NCPRG-NH2

Peptide with isotopically labeled Valine and Isoleucine:

Peptide with Phosphoserine: Arg-Arg-Ala-Ser(PO3)-Pro-Val-Ala

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